Vineyard Adventures

Sonoma County Winegrowers is proud to bring you Vineyard Adventures! Sonoma County Vineyard Adventures are complimentary, self-guided vineyard walks at various wineries throughout our diverse wine region. We invite you to discover the only agritourism program of its kind and experience a vineyard up close and personal throughout any season.

Each Vineyard Adventure is unique and perfect for all ages! Take them all and enjoy Sonoma County’s beautiful vineyard landscapes and diverse agriculture. Each Vineyard Adventure is unique to the winery and showcases different winegrowing and winemaking practices that influence some of the most distinguished wines in the world.

Walk among the vine rows and discover each winery’s unique story. You will learn about the history of the region, the influence of soil types and microclimates, various viticulture techniques, and sustainable farming practices such as the use of wind technology and water conservation.

Vineyard Adventures Around Sonoma County

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